Putting Spanish Start-ups on the US map!

Putting Spanish
Start-ups on the
US map!

With a proven opt-in/opt-out methodology, StartUSA helps Spanish Start-ups validate their true potential to expand beyond the Spanish market.

Before you commit to a significant investment for the execution of a Business Plan for the US market, make a smaller investment in validating your process, product, and people to ensure that you have genuine US market-entry potential.

StartUSA’s team of local experts address the full range of critical business challenges essential for successful entry into the US marketplace.

Your Process

Your Business is all about Process

From legal, financial and logistical set-up to market research and analysis, from go-to-market validation and sales strategy to business plan development and fundraising, StartUSA provides your company with all the process basics required to execute a full market launch strategy in the USA.

Your Product

Your Product is your Identity and your IP

With promotion services ranging from market-adapted positioning and brand development to targeted digital marketing, StartUSA executes on all your critical localized product positioning, lead generation, customer communication, and network outreach.

Your People

Your People are your ability to Execute

StartUSA knows your most prized asset is your people. From leveraging your existing human resources, identifying a synergetic local team, to relocating key executives, StartUSA helps prepare and develop an integrated team to perform at the highest levels in the United States market.

Our Customers

StartUSA has a proven track record helping Spanish companies to redefine themselves to successfully adapt and perform in the US market. We are currently working with Spanish Start-ups in verticals such as Application Performance Management, Collaboration Management, and Wireless Sensor Technologies.